Below are a few of the questions we are frequently asked

What’s your return policy?

For in-store returns, these are handled case-by-case.  We do not give refunds for buyer’s remorse.  If you buy a vacuum and decide you want to exchange (in-store only) we may be able to do this, given there is no wear and tear on the vacuum.  Most items that are purchased on-line cannot be returned if they are opened and/or used.  This guarantees what you buy has not been in another customer’s hands (unless that is disclosed at the time of the sale.)

Do you sell used vacuums?

We sell only new vacuums.  Occasionally we have floor models or close-out vacuums and we DO have vacuum cleaners to fit any budget.


Do you charge for Estimates?

We do not charge for your bringing it in and giving what we refer to as a pre-estimate.  We are really good at this and are usual quite accurate with this pre-estimate.

If we have to dismantle your machine to do a deeper diagnosis we do have a minimum shop charge of $30.  This charge is applied to your final bill, therefor you technically are not paying for the final repair quote.